.:Workers Comp

If you have any employees, even one part time (non-family members), you are required by state law to carry workers compensation insurance coverage for their protection. This coverage protects your employee, and your business, if they get hurt while on the clock working for your business. This includes coverage for injuries by accident, and by diseases that they are exposed to.

We represent multiple insurance carriers that are all very highly rated to give you the peace of mind that you will be covered when the inevitable "oops" occurs. Carriers such as Acuity, Wilson Mutual, The Hartford, State Fund Mutual, Zurich, Safeco, and many others are available to you through our agency.

Getting a quote is easy, just hit the link on top of this page, and complete some basic info under the Commercial Insurance section. For your security, we'll contact you to get the sensitive data that we need to get accurate quotes for you. Thanks for shopping the Herb Monson Agency!