.:Umbrella Insurance

Unfortunately, we live in a litigious society today. People sue one another over anything, it seems - major or minor. Personal liability payouts are frequently in the hands of the legal system, and we are seeing unprecedented amounts of money being awarded. If your auto policy or homeowners' policy pays out the maximum for liability coverage under that policy, and it is not enough to pay the entire judgement awarded the injured party, guess where the money comes from? That's right - your pocketbook! You can protect yourself, your financial statement, and your family's financial future in a very inexpensive manner by purchasing an "umbrella" policy. An umbrella policy gives you additional liability protection, above and beyond the limits of the policies underneath it, like autos, home, boat, cabin, snowmobiles, etc. Coverage is in increments of $1,000,000, generally up to a max of 5 or 10 million depending on the company. This is a very smart precaution to take, especially since the benefit is enourmous compared to the premiums.

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